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SmartSpace Global offers you a safe, seamless way to help your employees come back to the office. Empower your workforce to book desks and meeting rooms, enabling every employee to reserve the space they need to do their best work.

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Did you know 74% of offices are already embracing a hybrid return strategy?*

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Your return-to-work planning starts with SmartSpace Global–a single platform that provides intuitive room and desk booking, simple contact tracing reporting, and powerful data analytics.

Utilize One Intuitive App

Utilize One Intuitive App

With the touch of a button, your staff has the ability to book the space they need. Enable hot-desking, desk-hoteling, integrated wayfinding, and meeting room management–all with one intuitive mobile app.


Create Smart, Safe Workspaces

Create Smart, Safe Workplaces

Easily configure all of your desks, meeting rooms, and collaboration spaces. Empower your staff to book the resources they need and get the data you need for cost optimization.


Develop Your Strategy Now

Develop Your Strategy Now

Save your company time and money. Learn the best strategies to return your staff to the office now while also setting the foundation for real estate portfolio savings over time.